Valentine is just around the corner and Premier Cool’s message, as a brand that’s all about self-confidence and seizing opportunities, is – “This Valentine, shoot your shot with confidence!” Simple as that. A lot of people have less materially when compared to you, and even have a lesser level of confidence compared to yours but have determined to chase their desires with confidence this Valentine and we think you should do the same.

There are several things that can make you doubt your level of confidence and as a matter fact, these factors are more internal than they are external. This way we’ll be majoring on how to shoot your shot with confidence this Valentine. Best believe that this Valentine would be the start of many people’s love stories and who said yours have to compulsorily be an exemption.


The first factor that can play a super important part in shooting your shot this Valentine is to get out of your own head. We, humans, are naturally repellant to rejection and we’d rather not try than try and get “bounced” or in other words, get rejected. This is why most times, there’s every possibility you are their biggest roadblock when its time to shoot your shot.

If you can remove the mental block of the fear of rejection and shoot your shot, especially leveraging on this valentine period to do so, then you can possibly be able to smile out of the season. A lot would have to go into the works, in case you’re finding your confidence still shaking when you should be beaming with confidence and we’ll give you two or three tips.


Becoming friends with her friends is another tip that can help when you’ve decided to shoot your shot. Becoming friends with her friends is a good place to start in the process of winning her trust. Trust is almost the most important thing to gain when you want to spark emotional flames with someone you want to embark on a romantic journey with. No one will give a listening ear if they don’t have a level of trust in you.

Another thing you can do is to express your emotional intentions in a unique way. After getting out of your head and building a certain level of trust by becoming friends with her friends, you might have to find a way to uniquely to express your feelings. Something that doesn’t drain you financially but still shows the seriousness of your intentions would suffice.


This is why Premier Cool is set to help you shoot your shot this Valentine. We’ve set out to help a fan express their emotional intent by delivery a thoughtful and romantic gift on behalf of a fan to that crush of theirs. For those submit entries to our Valentine campaign, we’d be collaborating with them to help give them a Valentine that lasts forever in their memories for a long long time.

You can check out our social media platforms to keep yourself apprised on how to participate in the Valentine fan giveaway. We hope you have a lovely and memorable Valentine celebration ahead.

Stay Chilled.

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