Premier Cool is a brand that is big on building confidence and this is why our products are carefully formulated to ensure that from the moment you step out of the bathroom to prepare for your due, your confidence is already boosted. Building confidence is a result of careful and intentional decisions (like having your bath a Premier Cool bath bar). Confidence is a psychological state that can be likened to your physical body structure.


Many people think building confidence is an external activity and the results are totally out of our control but that’s a really incorrect assumption. When it comes to building confidence, there are several activities that can help achieve the desired result we may even see in someone else and wish we had.

A popular topic these days is Self-esteem and a lot of awareness is being raised to help and encourage the youth and young adults from an early age.



It’s not hard to see why — people with a good sense of self-esteem consistently have better mental health and are happier and more successful. For those who struggle with low self-esteem, improving your sense of self-worth can be a journey that takes both time and dedication. A lot of things including careless use of social media are putting tiny holes in the bag of confidence for a lot of youth and young adults.


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How Do I Go About Building Confidence?

The first step to building confidence is to first make a decision to do so. Yes! We sometimes think making a decision to do something isn’t necessary but it is. Now, when it comes to issues that are psychological like building confidence, then we should know that decisions are imperative on the journey to accomplishment

Another step to help in building confidence is reevaluating and possibly changing your circle. The people who act like you’re not worthy enough to be in their circle are exactly the people you need to stay away from. Those with warm actions and who boost your confidence with their words are the ones you need to gravitate towards.

Affirmations also go a long way in building confidence. Telling yourself you’re confident, you’re the best, you’re worthy and you’re unique is a good way to help boost your confidence.

While some may think they’re just mere words, psychologists say that the words you speak to yourself have more effect than the words others tell you. Affirmations have been found to help in building confidence.


Knowledge acquisition is another way to go about building confidence. This, as a matter of fact, is one of the reasons many people find themselves stripped of confidence and self-esteem – Lack of knowledge. When you find yourself in a space where each seems to know more than you do, then it’s only logical for you to want to keep quiet and allow the “knowledgeable” ones speak.

Premier Cool is a brand that preaches building confidence via every morally upright means. This means that others may not be bothered by low self-esteem and lack of confidence but not you, as a fan of Premier Cool.

From the moment you have your bath with any variant of the Premier Cool bath bar, you should take on your day with maximum confidence and do everything in your power that it’s from one activity that boosts your confidence to the other and remembers that when your day tests you…

Stay Chilled.

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