Growing your self-confidence is one of the goals you must’ve either directly or indirectly set out to achieve in 2020. The word “indirectly” is used because when you map out your new year goals for the year, you may not intentionally set out to major on self-confidence but a critical look at your goals and resolutions would inevitably show that the goals you’ve set out to achieve are ones that would ultimately boost your self-confidence.


That said, then comes the question of how to boost your self-confidence. We’ll tell you what – boosting your confidence in yourself is a top priority that you might want to get intentional about self-confidence in 2020. There’ll be a quite a number of life-changing opportunities and those with a raised level of confidence would definitely be on standby to grab them before those who’re still some kind of doubt about their self-confidence. So, let’s check out 5 things you can do to immediately give your self-confidence an upwards boost.


Save More

There are several ways to put your financial life under control and boost your confidence and an increased savings habit is one of those. If you’d normally save one hundred naira daily in 2019, try to raise the bar a bit. Having bulkier savings also boosts your morale as you know you have something to fall back on if things were to go a bit sideways.

save more


Learn A New Skill

When you learn something new, it doesn’t only boost your chances in the market, it boosts your morale and rightly so. A new skill means there is something you couldn’t do before that you can do now and it’s also one thing some others. That feeling of having some sort of an upper hand makes for a whole dose of a boost to self-confidence.


Attend Networking Events

Do you love staying indoors, then you might need to sacrifice a bit of that in 2020? If you want to achieve more by exposing yourself to more life-changing opportunities, then attending networking events may come in handy in helping you achieve that. Attending networking events will help increase your circle and help you boost your confidence.


Do Something That Scares You

Doing something that scares you doesn’t mean putting yourself in harm’s way or taking uncalculated risks, Nope. It means researching something you’ve wondered how others do it and seeing to it that you do acquire enough knowledge to help you achieve the same feat. Doing something that scares you every now and then definitely helps build and boost self-confidence.


Be Health-Conscious

This is super important. Researches have shown that people who are health-conscious tend to have a better level of self-confidence than those who don’t. Treat yourself to a healthy meal at least once every week. Hit the gym and get your body in shape. Also, try to practice meditation. It’ll boost your self-confidence by helping you stay sound both in body and mind.


There you have it. 5 tips for boosting self-confidence. We hope you enough curiosity mixed with determination to try these tips out. As a lifestyle brand that’s all about living a super-chilled life, Premier Cool is really determined to go all out to support you to ensure you have a remarkable and unforgettable 2020. Stay confident and more importantly… Stay Chilled!

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