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Every year, mid-February is one of the times people generally look forward to, not for any other reason asides Valentine, valentine ideas. People would usually leverage on the season to showcase the romantic sides and to express their emotions, even if it’s the only time they’ll do so all through the year. Valentine ideas aren’t scarce around these times but of course, some people use the season to pull stunts that bring another angle to Valentine ideas.

It’s another season of Valentine and there are several things we would like you to take into cognizance. Before you allow the couple goals that are certain to overwhelm social media to affect your chill is the fact that Valentine isn’t restrictively for the showcase of “couple goals”, “Bae & Boo Timeout” or “Proposals Galore”.


As a matter of fact, the first Valentine idea we’ll like you to have is that your valentine may not necessarily be a romantic partner. It could be your childhood bestie, your parents, your mentor, your closest sibling, and so on. They could have their own valentine of course but whatever it is you’re doing; the valentine idea is that it comes from a place of genuine love and sincerity.

If you’re among those who are, as usual, having their romantic partners as their valentines, then here are five valentine ideas that can help you make this valentine a very memorable one, coming from another angle different from what everyone else would probably have planned for their romantic partners.


  1. Sign your partner up for training. It could be one to help sharpen their skill set or one to help them boost their personal development. Whichever it is, a very unconventional valentine idea is to check for what training they seem really keen on and foot the bill.


  1. Invest in their business/side hustle. Another valentine idea is to grant them a “no return” seed capital for their business or side hustle. If you can afford to, give your partner the capital required to either kickstart his/her idea or help give it a real lift.



  1. Fill Their Tank. Everyone needs their tanks filled once in a while and you won’t see many people thinking about it as a valentine gift. This Valentine idea works best as a surprise anyway. Give them the treat of them waking up to a full gas tank and record their reaction.


  1. Spa Session. The country can be a stressful place to live in sometimes and you can’t be the only one thinking of a spa session for a chilled valentine idea. The aim here is to make it a surprise. So, if you can afford a home-service masseur, have one go over to their house.


  1. A year supply of Premier Cool 🙂 . You weren’t thinking we’d leave out the chill from our list of valentine ideas. Were you? Let them feel the absolute chill by never having to worry about getting a bath bar all through the year. Give them a year supply of Premier Cool bath bar and have them stay constantly chilled.

Self Esteem

We hope we’ve been able to help you look at every single valentine idea from a different angle. You need to because flowers and bottles of wine can get boring. We hope you’re able to have the most chilled valentine ever. Check out our social media pages for our Valentine Challenge – The Chill Flix, which is currently ongoing. You could just win amazing prizes.

Happy Valentine!



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