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Like the afros of the 60s, growing a beard seems to be making a comeback these days. However, being on Team Beard Gang doesn’t go without its share of troubles, like getting food particles stuck on it  – bread crumbs included. There is also the trouble of having it trimmed; you can’t easily get that done by yourself and some barbers are quite pricey.

But hey! Who are we to judge when the style comes with great aesthetic value when done right? Read on for some great shaving tips to consider when you want to take off the beard:

1. Wet your face: Facial hair is one of the toughest hairs on the human body. Wetting the hair, however, would help soften this toughness. You can also wash it with soap and warm water to remove oil from the skin and hair. This is to allow the pores take in more moisture to aid the softening.

2. Use shaving creams or gel:  Shaving gels are perfect. They help to reduce the friction of the razor blade over the skin and can help prevent blade cuts. Also, they keep the face moistened, keeping the hair strands softer.

3. Shave in the direction of the hair growth: This useful tip can prevent you from cutting off a hair below skin level and causing ingrown hair. The hairs can be embarrassingly itchy, and you don’t want to mess with your cool appearance.

4. Change your blades:  A dull blade will require you putting more pressure on your skin to get the hair off. Also, it is a contributing factor to razor burn and skin rashes. So if your blade becomes dull, bid it goodbye.

5. Use an aftershave: It would do a lot of good to wash your face with an effective facial wash or bar soap like Premier Cool and warm water after shaving, just to remove any traces of shaving gel left on the face. When done, pat your face with a towel. Don’t rub vigorously.  After rinsing, you can then apply an after-shave lotion or gel based on personal preference.

Fun as it may be, it’s not a debate of Team Beard Gang or clean cut for us. It’s about making it into the cool team with whatever choices you make.

So what team are you on? Tell us below.

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