Confidence – the core component in the engine of every dream chaser.  That imperative factor, without which almost no dream would be translated from desires to reality. Confidence, according to an Asian proverb, is that ingredient that fixes up the soup of achievements. Whenever there is a goal to accomplish, having cold feet is a normal occurrence and with cold feet comes doubt and sometimes timidity, after which the goal passes on, unachieved.


What do you do when your dreams test you?


Dreams sometimes take forever to actualize and hope begins to hang by a thread. So, what do you do when your dreams test you? You stay chilled and believe that you’re almost at that moment – that moment that invariably changes the narrative. That moment that gives you the edge over every doubt, negativity and opposition. What moment is that? – It’s your Moment Of Confidence.

moment of confidence


If you’re reading this, always remember that the bigger your dream is, the bigger your challenges would be. This is because with great power comes great responsibility and with great goals come the need for great plans.

With perseverance, hard work and confidence, the vision would not only become crystal clear; it’ll be achieved in due time. This why your favourite lifestyle brand – Premier Cool is out to encourage you to find your moment of confidence.


With confidence, you’ve got to write down your big idea and map out your plans and steps, you’ve got to examine various execution strategies, you’ve got to be ready to pitch your vision anywhere you find yourself and wear your dreams on your sleeves, you’ve got to be able to seek the right partnerships, you’ve got to be ready to grab every opportunity that comes your way because you never can tell which opportunity would turn out to be the golden one.


So, how do you know when your dream is big enough? – When you get to that stage where regardless of the discouragements, the oppositions, the challenges and negativity going on, on the outside; you stay chilled on the inside. When you can see that picture of your desired future and you chase that dream with confidence. When you have a bath with Premier Cool and you feel refreshed and re-energized, ready to shoot your shot again and again until you make big things happen.


What has Premier Cool got to do with the actualization of my Confidence?


We’ll tell you – A lot! Our brand cares for more than just your physical wellbeing. We know for a fact that the only way to continue to have a healthy community of customers is to help in any way we can, in the achievements of your set goals. This why we’ve put everything needed in place to see to it that we give you the necessary boost on the path to achieving your goals.


Premier Cool is giving out a hundred thousand naira to fans with compelling stories. We know you have a story and we believe you deserve to share it. Have you watch John and Sam’s stories in our released TVC’s or on social media (Check out our social media pages if you haven’t). Premier Cool wants to know your moments of confidence story. That tilting point that marked the end of doing what everyone expects and marked the beginning of doing what you really desire.

moments of confidence



We’ll like to hear your real, deep stories, where you were in a “make or break” situation and you chased your dreams with confidence. We know you have one or two ear-tingling situations you’ve been in, where it was “Go big or Go home” and you pulled off the impossible. Kindly visit our social media pages @premiercoolng on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to familiarize yourself with the participation procedure and process and share your unique story with us. We hope your story is the selected one.


Never forget – When your dreams test you, remain unruffled and just #StayChilled.

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