It is no news that towel care isn’t popular. But we know you’re different and cool, and take care for towels as important. After all, the towel is an integral part of the bathing process just like water and premier cool.

Here are some steps to help you care for your towels.


Choose a regular washing frequency

Yes, it is important to choose how regular you wash your towels. This can be weekly, fortnightly or arbitrarily. Should you choose to wash randomly, however, ensure the time lag is not too much. Most peeps also wash their towels before first use.


Don’t use much detergent

Towels by nature do not require too much detergent. This also helps in the long run to conserve water. As a rule of thumb, you can use half the amount of detergent you will use for a regular clothing that size.


Mind the colour

Some towels bleed (i.e. shed colour) others don’t. This depends largely on the material and colour. It is best to know if your towel bleeds or not. This also brings us to the next important tip.


Wash separately

We know most towels bleed, however it is best to wash them separately. Do not wash harsh colours with soft colours, and it is advisable not to wash towels with regular clothing.


Dry it well

Always ensure that towels are always placed where they can properly dry. If not, it might have a damp smell, which is not cool at all. Ensure drying spaces are well aerated and have access to a good whiff of sunshine. Again, make sure you spread in a way to allow even drying.


Store properly (only) when dry

Ensure towels are properly dry before you bring them in. This is important. Check for damp areas too. Most towels are not suitable for ironing. Do well to check the labels if it is. Your towels are now ready to be stored for use when needed.


Being cool may mean dressing right and using awesome products like Premier cool, but it is also doing the right thing. One of the right thing to do is to care for your towels. How simple can that be?

Finally, there is no exhaustion of these tips, but we trust the ones we’ve shared will go a long way to inspire you and yours to take action. Whatever you do, keep it cool.

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