If there is one thing a cool guy knows how to do, it’s to woo a lady, especially on a first date. His style, class and swag captivate her from the moment he walks in and keep her hooked till she manages to tear herself away they politely part ways and call it a night.

The not-so-cool guy, on the other hand… he is an expert at ruining his chances, pulling certain stunts time and time again. Avoid the status quo. Here is what NOT to do:

  1. Dress badly: First impressions count, and if you want to seize the bae, it’s crucial you look the part. But sadly, not so cool guys just don’t get that being “decked out” for a movie makes no sense. Or that wearing bathroom slippers to a posh restaurant is an absolute no-no.
  1. Talk about your ex: My ex used to say that….” Error! Guy, she is in your past for a reason and is probably with another man as you speak. So please, for the sake of humanity, leave her there! Your future is probably sitting right in front of you.
  1. Talk about sex: Yes, we know she’s hot. But your mother trained you better and you know it so be a gentleman. Take time out to understand and appreciate a woman for what’s between her ears.
  1. Be cheap: There is also the guy who lets his date order her meal, but as long as it’s N2K and below. The problem is, only drinks and appetizers fall in this range, leaving her to wonder how cheap you can get.
  1. Date your cell phone: If you went through so much trouble to ask a lady out on a date, the least you can do is give her your undivided attention. Some guys fail at this every time, being social online rather than in person.


Pass this on to the next guy if you found it useful.

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