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Ever caught a whiff from the pair of shoes you’ve worn all week long? Well, that’s just a taste of your own medicine. Now, imagine what everyone else had to deal with every time you take your shoes off in public places or shared spaces – feeling apologetic yet?


But then you can try to say nature and not you should be blamed for your sweaty feet. That would just be another unfair treatment. So, here’s the gist, while it’s natural for you to have sweaty feet, it’s your responsibility to air your shoes and keep the smell off. That’s the part you don’t need nature to help you fix. We’ve come up with some tips on how to keep the smell off your shoes, see for yourself


Wash your feet

Your feet have natural bacteria as other parts of your body. These bacterias multiply in warm places- as is usually the case with your feet in shoes. Washing your feet with daily with premier cool bar soap or bath wash can help reduce the growth of bacteria which is the number one causes of the bad odour in your shoes.


Put baby powder in your shoes

This is one of those grandma tricks that never fails. Between transferring the scent from the powder to your shoes and soaking up the retained sweat in the shoes, you sure can’t go wrong with powder. They usually come in different scents, but according to Natural Remedy Ideas blog, it is best to avoid powder with scents that are too strong because this might aggravate the shoe odour.

Please wear socks

For the sake of everyone and yourself too, please wear stockings with your shoes. Clean stocks that should be changed daily. They help reduce the direct contact between your feet and the shoes, which equals- fewer bacteria breeding. This is one of the best ways to prevent a stink in your shoes.


Try tea bags

To tea lovers, this is definitely good news. Your favourite tea can double up as a deodorant for your shoes. For Natural Remedy Ideas, black tea bags are best for shoe odour removal.  contain tannins which are very effective in killing bacteria that can be found inside the shoe.


Don’t wear the same shoes serially

If this is possible, switch your shoes in the course of the week. Own at least more than one pair of a mandatory work shoe colour. This way, you don’t get to wear the same shoes all week and then the shoes get time to air. So when you powder one pair, they get enough air before the next use.


We understand that this is a common issue, especially among guys who wear works shoes daily. So we hope that these few tips help you, and you can share other shoe deodorising methods that have worked for you.


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