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How often do you wash your hands?

Wait, let’s guess, only when they are visibly messy?! Or maybe not. We cannot overemphasize the importance of washing your hands habitually. In line with the Global Handwashing Day, we want to show you the magic in washing your hands. While this might seem strange to you, we think the process of letting the water run on your palms as you rub them against a bar of ice cool premier cool soap and then against each other is simply magical. Here are some of our reasons:

Germs are everywhere around you

Ever wondered why your neat- looking palms, when rubbed against a pure white fabric can create a dirt stain? Well, this is because have been picked up from places you may not have noticed. According to, the omnipresent nature of germs contributes to why 80% of infections are spread the same way. I.e someone touches a germ-ridden surface. From your hands, these germs are transmitted to a part of your body with an opening which might serve as an inlet to a disease.

Germs are really tiny so you rarely see them

Germs often come in form of the air we breathe, which can’t be seen either. They are often so hidden in what we’d call clean surface areas. This is mostly why we miss the contact and transfer process. We find magic in being able to fight what you can’t see by merely just washing your hands.

Washing your hands regularly helps prevent the transfer of germs

WIth the spread of epidemics and infections as mild as a common cold, washing your hands can keep you away from being infected. According to WebMD still, we learn that bacteria and fungi can remain on some surfaces for days, and touching those surfaces with your hands transfers them to your hands. Therein lies the danger, when your hands aren’t washed, the germs move on to another person when you touch them or spreads to other parts of your body when you touch it.

Sweaty palms pick up germs

Picture the speed with which magnets of opposing ends attract, that’s almost how fast dirt and germs latch onto sweaty palms. Even though the sweat is made up of mostly water, dust and other not-quite-visible germs latch on to it. These could lead to breakouts when you rub your face, infections when you rub or eyes, or an illness when you touch your food. But all these won’t happen if you habitually wash your hands. Create a mental war image where the water and soap fight off the bad guys.

Washing your hands is soothing.

What’s as soothing as having cold water run through your palms, supported by the icy feeling of premier cool while being reminded of all the above that can be avoided. Furthermore,  a study on shows how washing your hands actually cleanses your mind.

While we want you to be safe and healthy, we also want you to want this for yourself, and also make a habit out of the safe practice of handwashing as well as enjoying the magic in it.

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