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Depending on your level of daily activity, there are several recommendations to help you ensure that you keep your lifestyle in check. The level of your activity would determine how much you pay attention to details as regards personal hygiene and choice of grooming products. As one with an active lifestyle, you cannot afford to be random with your grooming if you really want to stay chilled.

The underlining factor you should always consider when shopping for your products is your active lifestyle. Not every product is made to carry the weight of your active lifestyle. Nothing is wrong the product itself. It’s simply not for those who are constantly active and on the move at the snap of a finger.


This is why Premier Cool doesn’t have just 2 bath bar variants but 3. Those who need something specifically for their active lifestyles have got the “Sport” variant to cater for their active lifestyle. The intentional focus of this bath bar for athletes, marketers, realtors, artists, and others who spend more time outdoors than indoors is what makes the sports variant special.

With Premier Cool Sport antibacterial bath bar, what you get is a soap that is specially formulated for your skin as one with a super active lifestyle. The special blend of caffeine, menthol and unique fragrance combined with antibacterial agents keeps you refreshed all through the day and an hour more to give you that much-coveted 25 hours freshness.


The Premier Cool Sport variant gives you the immense benefit of caffeine on the skin. Some of the benefits of caffeine on your very active skin include:

Reduction of under-eye bags and dark circles on the skin. It is a speciality for caffeine to help you reduce dark circles caused by skin contact with germs or bacteria-laden surface during the course of the day’s activities. Caffeine is a strong antibacterial agent and can function effectively in the reversal and removal of the effects of several bacteria activities causing gradual damage to your skin.


Caffeine can help you flush out skin intolerant toxins causing skin irritation and return your skin to its natural settings. Premier Cool Sport ensures your skin gets just the right dosage of caffeine in a single wash to ensure your body doesn’t only feel super chilled after a typical day of an active lifestyle, but some imperative corrective measures go on, on your skin.


Caffeine can reduce cellulite. Beauty experts suggest that exfoliating with fresh coffee grounds could reduce the appearance of cellulite, topical caffeine skincare products have soared in popularity because of this but some are just all noise without action. Premier Cool Sport for those with an active lifestyle ensures your skin feels the corrective force of caffeine.


As a matter of fact, research shows that coffee can ward off skin cancer and its not rocket science. Caffeine makes the skin firmer by removing toxic agents from the skin. These are agents which if care is not taken, for one who has an active lifestyle, could injure your skin cells. This what Premier Cool Sport prevents from happening.

Got an active lifestyle and you know it, then the recommended variant to opt for to show intentionality in your grooming decisions is non-other than Premier Cool Sport.


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