Everybody knows that guys are tired of getting underwear during St. Valentine’s Day celebrations. We are not going to debate if it’s a cool gift item or not, no way. This article is for that lady who wants to put in extra thought and get gift ideas that will show the special one how special he is.


So whether you are a heavy gifter or a light gifter, these ideas can work as stand-alone or as part of a pool of gifts. The main idea is that these are simple yet powerful items that men will appreciate. Let’s dive in:


Clothing Accessories

Every cool man loves to dress, and one thing that separates the men from the boys is a great clothing accessory. It may be silver cufflinks or some cotton socks or suspenders, a Fedora hat or a 100% leather belt. Accessory makes a man stand out especially if he wears a uniform (think corporate Nigeria or Aso ebi).


Custom Man City Jersey

Almost every cool man in Nigeria loves football. What’s more a jersey from a lady is one of the biggest gifts a man can get. Why Man City? They’re currently the most ruthless club on the pitch at the moment, so whatever team your man supports, you’re telling him that he’s number one – top of your table. Thank us later.



This used to be a classic gift from men to women, but how many men receive portraits themselves? No jokes, we all like a picture or painting, or a sketch of ourselves. So does the man in your life. The portrait can be of him, his favourite picture, the landscape of where you met, or whatever gets his creative juices flowing. It can also be done in oil colour, charcoal pencil or hyper-realism or even sculpted. A bonus of this gift is that he’ll hang it where he’ll always see it, and when he does, he’ll remember the person behind the gift – you!


Massage at the Spar

This may sound girlie but trust us it’s not. Everyone needs pampering. You alone know the stress he goes through on a daily, and nothing melts stress away like a massage by professional masseuse’s touch. Give him that treat, and take one yourself, after all, two is company.


Dinner for Two

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and everyone is going out, but you’re smart and you’ll add a twist to blow his mind. You’ll take him out on a date and pamper him. He’ll just relax and play along to a string of surprises you’ve lined up for him. He’ll always remember this one date.



No one says no to great headphones. Plus, everybody loves music. So get him those quality headphones for when he wants to plug in and shut off the noise. He’ll really appreciate it.


Grooming Kit

Rather than get the traditional singlet and boxers (even if he needs them), a grooming kit is more personal. It might be an individual item like a new shaving razor or a collection of items like Premiercool spray, aftershave, Premiercool body wash and em… (this is where you can add singlet and boxers if you have to). The idea is to give a range of personal care product that will make your man stay cool and fresh.

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