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Is there a secret on how to ace an interview looking like you walked out of awesome cool world?
Yes there is, and it is quite easy too.
First of all, let us establish the fact that confidence is way different from arrogance. Confidence is like the fragrant scent of Premier Cool Body Wash – it uplifts others and yourself. On the other hand, arrogance diminishes others and show’s ones insecurity.
So, while you want to appear calm, cool, collected, suave, professional, and confident you should not forget that you are interviewing for a job, and your impressions and expressions really do matter.
To ace that interview, you have to:
1. Research, Research, and Research
“To be fore warned is to be fore armed.”

Premier Cool

Be prepared and arrive on time

Thanks to Google, carrying out research is much easier now. To up your chances at having an awesome interview, you have to take time out to research the company you are going to interview with. A great place to start is to carry out a generic search and read up on news pertaining to the company.
Next, try their websites, and then their LinkedIn pages. There you would find out more about the company, its employees and other assets. The reason you are doing this is NOT to go to the interview and recite everything back like an ‘egghead’. It is for you to understand how the company works, what their goals, aim and objectives are, and what you find that would interest you.
2. Be punctual
Being punctual does not mean you have to arrive hours early. When you do that, you appear desperate and in dire need of that job … not cool at all. Arrive 10 minutes before your interview time, and be courteous and polite to the receptionist and everyone you meet there. Arriving late is not cool.
3. Be likeable
Likeable people get employed. When you walk into an interviewer’s office, switch on your charisma. Smile, nod appropriately, keep eye contact, don’t fidget, be positive and mind your body language.
4. Exude confidence

Premier Cool

Look confident and pleasant

When asked questions, don’t answer hurriedly. You may make mistakes and mess yourself up. Ensure you heard the question correctly, then think carefully before responding. Understand the fact that even though speech is verbal, communication involves body language. So let both be in sync. If the question asks how you will solve certain problems, tell stories (true stories of course, if you have any) of how you tackled similar, and what you learnt while at it.
5. Finally, Ask Questions Too
Yes, it’s an interview to assess your skills, but asking your own questions are also part of that assessment. Asking the right questions would make you appear confident to your interviewer, and also indicate that you have real interest in the job you are being interviewed for. Don’t focus on remuneration. Rather ask value questions that indicate your genuine interest in the job like:
1. What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?
2. What constitutes success at this position and this firm or nonprofit?
3. Do you offer continuing education and professional training?
4. Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?
5. What is the next step in the process?
6. Etc.
The secrets to acing an interview lies not just in how much you want to get the job, but how the interviewers perceive you. Be cool and confident and (whether you get the job or not) you’re bound to leave a lasting impression.
Good luck!

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