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Father’s Day is right around the corner! This Sunday, to be exact. Now is the time to appreciate your father for the love and understanding expressed over the years.

This is your childhood hero, and possibly your best friend as an adult. Such a distinguished role is highly deserving of a distinguished gift, not a plain tie or cap to add to his growing collection. So treat your dad to something worthwhile, something he will treasure for a very long time this Father’s Day.


A designer watch: If diamonds are a woman’s best friend, a solid designer watch is undoubtedly every man’s confidant. It’s an accessory that can never go out of style and is perfect for most outings your father might attend throughout the year.

Father-Son lunch: You know you owe your father some quality time. We understand, work commitments make it harder to bond as much, but you can make it up to him in a huge way this Father’s Day. From a nice lunch at a fancy restaurant to one even at your family home, you two can fully catch up on life over a delicious meal. 

Magazine Subscription: Some fathers are avid readers of both local and foreign magazines, and would appreciate an annual subscription for an everyday fix. If yours is, publications like TIME have issues online you can sign up for.  

Personalized football jersey:  You can also get your football-loving father his very own jersey if he doesn’t have one yet.  It’s EURO 2016 season at the moment, so it will be the perfect gift to get him in the spirit of the league.

Weekend getaway: Life in Nigeria has its stressful moments, especially if your father lives in a city. Here is a suggestion – pay for a fun and relaxing getaway trip this weekend for him. He could spend time admiring any of Nigeria’s beautiful tourist attractions, or practicing his golf swing at a nearby course.


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