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Conversations around the implementation and even the possibility of enforcing the usage of facemasks have been on the rise, and it is important to note that the fight against the novel Covid-19, generally referred to as Coronavirus has taken different twists and turns. It has indeed left many people with several questions. W.H.O, NCDC and other health authorities have attempted to answer as many of these questions as they can; however, some of these answers have only begged more questions.

One very pertinent question at the moment is – Are facemasks necessary and how does wearing them make any difference?

Washing your hands with Premier Cool or any other Antibac soap, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, keeping a distance of 3 – 6 feet away from anyone who hasn’t been in your home for a period of at least 14 days, staying indoors as much as you can, and so on, are some of the effective ways of curbing the spread of the Coronavirus. However, there’s a new way that many health experts had initially deemed as being unnecessarily excessive and that is – Wearing facemasks.


A lot of people who have been infected with the virus have been infected by people who are totally asymptomatic – That is, they showed little or no symptom, even while hosting the virus in them and this is why one of the best ways to ensure that we’re not either unknowingly being infected or infecting others, is to ensure we wear facemasks. It may not necessarily be the N95 which is worn by professionals during medical procedures but almost any kind of simple cloth covering over our nose and mouth, such as a home-made mask, or even a bandanna, can stop Coronavirus from getting in.

The importance of wearing facemasks is further buttressed by the fact that the virus is primarily transmitted through tiny droplets of saliva ejected when we sneeze or speak. We can’t see them, but they are there and these droplets can go as far as 6 feet, which is widely cited as a safe distance. According to further in-depth science researches, placing a layer of cloth in front of your face stops 99% of the droplets.

The NCDC has passed it newly into the health law on the prevention of the global pandemic that everyone should put on a facemask. Not only those who have shown symptoms or health workers who are attending to those who are currently under medical care in quarantine. Although they have instructed that everyone stays at home, there are quite a number of essential workers who can’t but move around.

As long as there are no physical attributes to show who has been infected and who hasn’t, as a member of the chilled squad, we must always be on the defensive. Research has shown that wearing facemasks only really pays off when most people in a community do it. Comprehensive medical researches show that if 50% of the population uses a mask, virus transmission is reduced by half. If 80% of the population uses a mask, the virus is “essentially eliminated”.

Premier Cool have taken it up as a challenge to provide facemasks to several communities and this would be another arm of support we’re throwing in, to halt the spread of Coronavirus and ensure we return to our daily activities as soon possible. Remember, wearing facemasks shouldn’t in any way replace the need for social distancing and hand-washing. If we must wipe out this virus completely from our society, we need to use the entire set of tools we have available.


Stay Protected. Stay Premier Cool

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