Keeping your kids healthy all-year round is absolutely important, dads.  They are the joy of your families after all, and deserve the best care possible.

To help you thrive in this daddy-duty, we have compiled our favourite personal health and hygiene tips for kids that will keep them squeaky clean and well all-day long. We hope you find the tips useful and feel free to include some of your favourites in the comments section.

1. Start your kid’s day with a healthy bath: Cool dads love to help out with their kids’ bath times, so we know you do too. We suggest you use a nicely scented kiddies’ soap or bubble bath, and bathe them twice a day. This keeps them refreshed and clean for the day’s activities.


2. Develop healthy eating habits: It’s important to include fruits and vegetables in your kids meals regularly. Make mealtime fun as well by playing with colours and yummy dips. When it comes to drinks, discourage the consumption of soda and fizzy drinks. Water and milk are preferred choices, with milk, in particular, helping to grow strong and healthy bones.

3. Involve kids in physical activities: Experts recommend that kids are given the freedom to play and run around for at least one hour each day. The alternative, sitting indoors to watch TV all day, does little for their physical and mental growth. With this in mind, resist the urge to let your TV babysit your kids at all costs.

4. Always encourage kids’ accomplishments: Everyone loves to be praised and celebrated, especially kids. This keeps them motivated and greatly reinforces their self-esteem. It’s important to give only truthful comments, however, so abstain from exaggerated truths or lies.

5. Buy fun gifts: Everyone knows that cool gifts get kids excited. From video games to dolls, these treats are important but limit them to a degree, because this can encourage a sedentary lifestyle when excessive. Gifts like storybooks, on the other hand, promote the child’s creativity, improves language learning and motivates learning styles.

6. Make family time a priority: Spending quality family time is really important for the health of your kids. Host a family dinner, a fun picnic or a hide and seek challenge, and let the good times begin! Set out time for these important bonding moments that preserve relationships between you and your kids.


7. Practice what you preach: This list would not be complete without highlighting the importance of setting an example in the way you live your life. Please make an effort to maintain a good attitude when around your kids, and excellent personal health and hygiene habits that motivate them. Thankfully, showering with Premier Cool has got you covered with the Fresh Daddy score points!

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