It’s the eternal debate that may or may not have crossed your mind a few times. Bar soaps or Shower gels? Which is worth investing in, of becoming a day-to-day consumer of? While preferences differ from person to person – and for good reason – it might be interesting to find out what camp you truly are in and see how you can win others over to your side. Here are a few factors to consider as you do so.

Moisture: Research has shown that bar soaps are more drying than shower gels, because bar soaps contain sodium hydroxide which dries faster than the potassium hydroxide present in shower gels. So long as your skin is not super slimy, you can count on shower gels to soften your skin well enough to skip post- shower lotion. However, if you can’t stand the post-shower slime feel from shower gels, using bar soaps is probably the way to go.

Fragrance: Shower gels come with long lasting fragrances that stay longer on your skin and leave you smelling very special after an evening shower. They don’t dry out as quickly as bar soap fragrances do. But if you don’t want any other fragrance mixing with your cologne, bar soaps will do you more good.

Durability: The durability of shower soaps depends on the user. The tendency to use more shower gel during bath time is high as its easier to turn content out from a bottle than to constantly rub a sponge against a bar. Also remember that the more the shower gel is used, the more water required to take it off.

Convenience: Which works for you – pouring soap from a bottle or rubbing a bar on your skin/bathing sponge? The handy glove sponge is now a trend to make this tricky decision even harder to pick a side. Either way, you are in for a nice, cleansing and relaxing bath experience.

Were we able to convince or confuse you? LOL! Share your thoughts with us below.

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