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Hi guys, we know it’s been a while and you miss your weekly dose of hygienic tips, but we are back!! and it promises to get even better. So to make up for the long silence, here is something really practical as well as interesting.

No one likes an off key sound track, especially when it’s in the bedroom coming from your partner. As embarrassing as it sounds, old people are not the only ones who snore. More young people are joining the rebel gang of those who blow invincible trumpets with their noses while they sleep. If you want to leave this gang and embrace your inner cool, here’s what you should do:

Change Your Style

Changing your immediate sleeping position can relieve the pressure on your airways. For instance, sleeping on your back may cause your tongue to fall back into your throat and obstruct the passage of air. The result? Snoring. Adjusting your position to sleeping on your side, will immediately open up your diaphragm. More air equals less or no snore. This is an immediate temporary solution, for a better lasting solution, you have to …

Exercise, Eat Right and Hygiene

Healthy living can actually reduce snoring. Studies show that being overweight contributes to the issue. So if you are out of shape, you need to put in work to burn the excess. Eating right also helps you not gain weight. Finally, proper hygiene is necessary to stop snoring. Clean your bedroom to remove allergens and allow proper ventilation. Showering after a long day with Premier Cool helps you relax when you hit the bed. Being relaxed equals better sleep, which in turn equals to? Yup, lesser snoring. Healthy living also means cutting down on alcohol, another causative snoring agent. When you’ve done this, you’re now ready to …

Decongest Nasal Pathways

A major reason why people snore is a nasal blockage. This may be because of illness like catarrh or obstructions. Medications like inhaler and drugs can help clear your nose and throat. Natural solutions like peppermint leaves, eucalyptus, tea, and products rich in Vitamin C can be used to remove the mucus lining in the inner membrane of the nose and throat. Staying hydrated also ensures secretions in the nose and soft palate becomes less sticky. Done? Time to have some …

Pillow Talk

Yes, let’s talk pillows. When last did you change your pillows? Allergens may be lurking in them. Again, pillows determine the position of your head, so if the one you use currently isn’t elevating your head to allow for better air flow, then it’s time to ditch it for a better one. A good pillow is one that can elevate your head enough for better breathing, without causing unneeded neck pains. If these solutions mentioned above don’t work, then maybe it’s time to …

Go See A Doctor

Chronic snoring may require medical attention, even if it is caused by an allergy. You may see a regular doctor or an Otolaryngologist – simply put an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist. A Doctor will also be able to give you prescriptions necessary to tackle the causative agent if needed. A professional will also be able to diagnose, point out the allergy, recommend therapy where necessary, or anything to make your life (and that of your partner) better at night. Let’s explore a final solution, you can try …

A Crazy Idea

Get a tennis ball and a pocket from old clothes. Sew the tennis ball to the centre back of your pyjamas using the old pocket to hold it place. When you sleep and go into the position of lying on you back, the tennis ball will make you uncomfortable, forcing you to turn and sleep on your side. This is a milder principle better than being jabbed by your sleeping partner, it also forces you to change your style. Bringing us back to solution one.

So while we hope these solutions will bring you (and those around you) relief from snoring, having a routine, and ensuring that you do not go to bed too late o too tired will go a long way. Showering morning and night with Premier cool will also ensure you are fresh and you breathe – not only through your nose but also through your skin. Thank us later.


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