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Antibacterial products reduce our risk of getting sick or passing germs and bacteria onto others – but are they really more effective at killing the “bad guys” than regular soap? Read the article all the way down and let’s help you understand the pros and cons.

We’re exposed to millions of germs and bacteria every day. Many of us don’t really pay attention to it but these bacterial activities are constant and even though not singlehandedly significant, their long-term effects are very obvious and unwanted.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, the merits of using antibacterial products cannot be overemphasized. Handwash, hand sanitizers and bathing soaps (like the antibacterial trio), are in full deployment to help frontline workers and even every regular person, stay safe and protected.

Antibacterial soap (also called antimicrobial or antiseptic) is any cleaning product with active antimicrobial ingredients added and not found in regular soaps. An “antimicrobial” is something that works to kills microorganisms or stops their growth. For example, antibiotics and antibacterial soaps are used to fight bacteria,” Dr Haugen says.

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A 2011 research review published in the Journal of Food Protection looked at the existing studies comparing antibacterial soaps to plain soap. “We found that antibacterial products were slightly more effective than bland soaps,” Schaffner (the head of research) says. It is explained that neither was 100% effective at killing or clearing away germs, but the soaps consistently outperformed the plain soaps, when it came to getting rid of pathogens.

When it comes to cleaning, regular soap does that… but so does antibacterial soaps. The edge is definitely in the antibacterial features, which of course, is missing in regular soaps. For instance, the Premier Cool Antibacterial Trio has additional features like talc and glycerin, which both take care of skin rejuvenation, even after getting rid of germs and bacteria on the skin.

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Choosing “The Antibacterial Trio” of Ultimate, Sport & Odour-Defence over regular soaps would, first of all, help you get rid of the unwanted activities of germs and bacteria on your skin; then you’ll also enjoy the benefit of skin restructuring and rejuvenation. Each variant of Premier Cool also has that 25 hours freshness that comes along with its unique fragrance.

Another benefit of choosing an anti bacterial product like Premier Cool over other regular soaps is the fact that they both cost almost the same thing, even though one has a bit of an edge over the other. Antibacterial soaps like Premier Cool don’t come in prices that significantly dwarf that of their regular counterparts. This is largely due to the fact that many people still, regardless, prefer regular soaps to anti bacterial soaps – Which is totally fine and understandable.

For those who prefer the protective and refreshing power of Premier Cool bath bar, it’s a win-win on both the protective and refreshing side of things.

So, which do you prefer?

Antibacterial or Regular soaps?


Stay Protected. Stay Premier Cool.

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