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As a member of the chilled squad, it is very imperative that we adhere to the directives from health authorities and keep our hands clean at all times with Premier Cool Antibacterial Soap. The war against the global pandemic is still on, and while that is the case, we should not be caught without our alcohol-based hand sanitizers, or our face masks while outdoors. Social distancing rules must also be adhered to strictly, and we must also remember to keep our spaces safe, and our hands clean.

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The last two instructions are the part where you can always trust Premier Cool to come through 100%. Keeping your spaces clean and free from germs and bacteria copies are exactly why you need the 99.9% germicide capacity of the Premier Antiseptic Liquid. Even though it comes in two distinct variants – the Lime Fresh and the Original, its germicide and protective capacity remains the same in both variants. Premier antiseptic liquid solution is rightly approved by the Nigerian Nurses And Midwives Association for its effectiveness over a very wide range of usage.

If the goal is just to keep your space clean, then any antiseptic solution will work but if you want to keep your space clean and germ-free, then there’s no compromising on Premier Antiseptic Liquid Solution, as it ensures you’re well covered and defended against infectious germs and disease-causing bacteria copies. Premier Antiseptic Liquid solution is available in stores and can be easily ordered online from several online stores.

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Keeping your hands clean is no big deal and can be achieved by washing your hands with soap but keeping your hands clean, germ-free and fully protected, is why you need to keep any of the variants of Premier Cool close by.

Premier Cool Ultimate provides the ultimate protection for your hands against bacteria copies and infectious germs including the coronavirus, thanks to its specially formulated freezethol and antibacterial agents. The Odour Defence variant is specially made to dispel bacteria copies and germs on your hands while you engage in your daily activities. It keeps you protected for a long time.

Premier cool Sports variant is already initially formulated specifically for those who are constantly outdoors and at the risk of contact with bacteria and germs. It is a variant that is made especially for those with an active lifestyle and with the present global pandemic, it should be a travel partner for washing your hands as often as possible.

odour defence


In conclusion, the Coronavirus is still out there but the onus is on us to take responsibility and trust the effectiveness of Premier Cool Antiseptic Liquid to keep your space clean and safe… and all the variants of Premier Cool Antibacterial bar to keep your hands totally clean and fully protected against germs and bacteria, thanks to the active antibacterial agent present in all three variants.

Which variants is your go-to variant? Drop a comment below.

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