Who taught you to bath?

Take a pause and think about that question. Chances are, you were bathed regularly by your parents till you came of age. Most people kind of learnt by rote – they watch, they experience, they learn, they do. However, while it is essential to bath your body clean, there are special areas that require focus and attention, but most times we ignore or gloss over them. Let’s see these areas.

Behind the Ear

This is a tough spot. Behind the ear requires attention to remove accumulated dirt. It is also a bit hollow and easy for one to gloss over without actually cleaning.

Base of Nose

This is another corner that is seldom cleaned thoroughly. The point where the nose meets the face is usually irregular. Cleaning this point has to be deliberate.

Behind the Knees

Another hollow point in the leg region that is usually ignored. Most times dirt accumulate here and require scrubbing to rid it.


This is a no brainer. However, it can be glossed over, which is wrong. The armpits also have sweat glands that produce sweat, and if not taken care of, can be a point of converging for unwanted bacteria. You don’t even want to deal with the kind of odours they produce


Yes, there is a point where the ankle meets the heel, and a particular bone protrudes, this area is also surrounded by tendons that make it hollow. Easily missed when bathing, a playground for bacteria.

Genital Region

This list won’t be complete without a mention of the genital area. It is usually warm in temperature, hidden behind layers of clothes, and contains sweat glands working overtime. This is a barracks for bacteria, unless, one pays special attention to ejecting them through detailed scrubbing during a bath.

Soles of Feet

It is a tricky area to clean, given that you have to stand on one leg in a probably soapy tiled bathroom floor, so just skip it right? Nah. This is the part that comes in contact with the floor, your shoes, socks, etc. It is also ticklish and tough but needs scrubbing all the same. Just don’t fall while you’re at it.

Hair and Scalp

Yes, yes, yes. Special attention needs to be paid to the hair and the scalp. Scrub deeply when bathing to ensure removal of all grease, dust particles, and microscopic agents that may be stuck on there. It is important.


This is a difficult one. How do you even scrub the centre of your back where your spine runs through? It doesn’t only require deep cleaning, it requires special skill, little wonder it is often ignored.

There you have it. We must add, that bathing is effective when done with soap and water. Premier Cool helps kill the bacteria and stay fresh, while you pay special attention to this areas, and of course your entire body. Nice collaboration don’t you think? So when next you step into the bathroom to take a bubble bath, remember these critical areas.

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