Being cool, calm and collected is not by accident but a choice. The Debonair attitude starts from the house. Let’s look at “must haves” in your wardrobe:


White Shirt

No stylish man has ever lived without a white shirt in his wardrobe. It’s the classic item for formal events. White shirts can blend stylishly with any other apparel making you look cool and confident.


Complete Suit

No matter your profession, you ought to have a complete (black) suit in your wardrobe. This is standard. Even Mark Zuckerberg who wears a dull colour shirt, jeans and sneakers have a suit he can use for occasions, like when he visited Aso rock. A suit is the signature outfit of a complete gentleman.



Whether you love to exercise or you love to tone down and relax, sneakers are the go-to footwear for you. Everyone deserves a nice pair. Your wardrobe isn’t cool without one.



No matter how nicely you dress, you are not confident if you do not smell good. Every man as a matter of urgency needs a body spray, deodorant, nice bathing soap, perfume, an aftershave and other important products for personal hygiene. The good news is, in this regards, Premiercool got you covered.



As interesting as this may sound, only the super cool dudes know that a scarf is a sophisticated accessory to accentuate your dress sense. Whether you drape it easy on your neck or do a stylish Victorian knot, a scarf elevates a simple dressing up the coolness radar.


Black Shoes

Every man deserves at least a pair of black leather shoes with solid finishing and dependable soles. Good shoes put a bounce to your step, and black shiny shoes can make you float into the room.


Leather Accessories

Leather has a masculinity feel to it, and as such gives this coolness “alpha male” feel. A leather watch, belt or wallet will turn heads and raise admiration, showing your true style.



In this age, football is a unifying factor, and even more so as the World Cup approaches, UEFA rages on, and National Leagues are beamed. A jersey as part of your clothing collection shows a modern man attuned to the times.

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