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Christmas is in the air, and it is also a time for exchanging gift items with those who mean a lot to us. Whatever your budget – spree or minimal – we have a list of ideas for you to make her gush.

1. Christmas Hamper: This a traditional feature every Christmas. What makes the difference, however, is the content. Be sensitive to her needs, know the brands she loves and get them in that basket. Some items to include and you won’t be wrong include kitchen and toiletries like Cussons Imperial Leather, Morning Fresh, Canoe tablet soaps, Mamador Vegetable oil. You can also include her favourite provisions. Be creative and she’ll be smiling all Christmas.












2. Makeup Makeover & Photoshoot: Which girl doesn’t love to look gorgeous? A surprise visit to the makeup studio first and photo studio next will be a Christmas gift to remember for a long time. This move combines both short term gratification and long term beautiful memories. You can even get her a makeup range that suits her skin tone. The makeup artist will help out here. Next, take her to the studio or a nice location and treat her to a photo session. Don’t worry, she’ll keep telling you how her friends gushed over her pictures on Facebook and Instagram. You can also gift her a framed picture of her favourite shots.












3. Fashionable Items: A woman can never have enough clothes, or shoes, or earrings, or …. You get the picture. Get her that bag she’s been longing for, or that dress you feel she’ll look stunning in, or you could be a Mr. Romantic and get her quality lingerie. Nothing trips a woman more than a man who get her fashion pieces, for even knowing her body and shoe sizes, you already score great points. A helpful tip will also be to know designers she follows on Instagram. Thank us later.

4. Sanctuary Spa: No it’s not the name of a spa but of body beauty products. This exquisite range contains cleansers, exfoliators, masks, moisturizers and facial oils. She’ll appreciate the effort taken to wow her by getting her these premium product. You can also pamper her yourself with a massage and get her to relax, breathe and #LetGo

5. Spa Treatment: Where else will she use the Sanctuary Spa products than at a spa? Treat her to a surprise, and even if you don’t get the beauty range, a spa treatment will help her rejuvenate. Think about it, it’s Christmas season, the rush, the anxiety, all that activity of being busy, she will feel special that you took time out to help her relax and get pampered. Body massage, feet massage, manicure and pedicure treatments are some of the soothing spoiling you can give her at the spa.












6. Kitchen & Home Appliance Makeover: Go this route if you really want to impress and score major points.  Of course the heavyweight investment will be repaid beyond Christmas. Several companies have an all-in-one kitchen and home appliances, but ensure you buy from trusted brands.












7. Mobile Device: Whether it’s a new phone or a tablet, get your special one taking pretty selfies with a new mobile device. This will score you mega points especially if her current phone needs an upgrade. She’ll definitely like a device with quality camera, social media enabled platforms, long battery life and a stylish outlook.

A cool gentleman always likes to impress. So feel free to choose any idea or combine multiples to spoil the special woman in your life. Are there ideas you feel we missed or can be added to the list? Let us know in the comments box, even if it’s something that has worked for you in the past, we’ll love to hear it.



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