Are you looking for somewhere special to take your loved one to? Believe it or not, there are many places in Nigeria with great, romantic ambiances to choose from. Do read on for some of our favourites:

  1. Terra Kulture, Lagos: Situated in Victoria Island, there is a lot this cool culture hub has on offer for young couples, from a wide variety of authentic traditional dishes in its cozy restaurant to a beautiful art gallery.


  1. Obudu Mountain Resort Calabar: One of Nigeria’s major tourist attractions, this resort is a top weekend destination for couples in need of some fun downtime. It’s a place to experience nature at its best, with its breathtaking views and hiking trails.




  1. Millennium Park, Abuja: If you live in the Abuja area, why not spend time at the Millennium Park with a picnic basket in tow? This setup is a great way to earn major bonus points on Valentine’s Day. The park itself is a gorgeous location to go for, complete with rich greenery and a gentle river right in its centre.




  1. Nike Art Gallery, Lagos: If you two are huge art enthusiasts, you are going to love the Nike Art Gallery, Lekki. It showcases some of the finest paintings, sculptures, textiles and bronzeworks in our corner of the world, with a nice, cosy sitting area for its guests.




  1. Tarkwa Bay, Lagos: This beautiful beach resort sets the mood quite nicely for a fun getaway under the sun. Regular guests swear by its moderately clean beachside and near-crystal blue waters, a rarity in Nigeria these days. There is also something about its isolated location that makes it ultra sexy too.




  1. Oguta Lake Holiday Complex, Imo: Fun water sports, a boat cruise, a standard-sized golf course and luxury hotel lodgings are just some of the many features that make this destination a great choice for Valentine’s Day. You two are bound to have fun in its peaceful, serene environment.




  1. Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Taraba: This beautiful, picturesque park is perfect for a nature walk through the rich forests of Nigeria’s northern-eastern region. Interestingly, you might just see a chimp or monkey pass you by too.


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