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So as a gentleman that you are, you’ve already accepted your chieftaincy title as the landlord of the friendzone.







But what you cannot understand is why…







Well, we’ve found the answer and we are gonna tell you

  1. You haven’t asked for a title change yet








(You seem fine where you are, but nothing comes to those who wait)

  1. She’s not physically attracted to you. Especially since you don’t even smell good









(Better just go and buy premier cool and help yourself)

  1. She’s interested in someone else









(You’re just like a brother to me)

4. She knows all your escapades with other women







(You gave her all the gist remember?)Preview

  1. Her friends don’t like you







(They remind her every time why you aren’t good enough)

  1. You’re at different points in your lives









(She’s already on ‘E’ and you’re still at ‘B’)

  1. You have a girlfriend and she already knows









(You’re trying to be a sharp guy)


So, which of these is more like your situation right now?

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