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Truth be told, poor hygiene is considered disgusting, distracting and quite frankly, disrespectful in most social circles.  Sadly, it also leaves much to be assumed about the person’s character. From being untidy and careless to highly unambitious, it’s these kinds of assumptions that can hurt a person’s chances of climbing the success ladder unknowingly and to his detriment.

With that said, we are committed to helping you live the best life possible, and we hope this article gets you several steps closer to this goal. Read on for notable hygiene mistakes you need to correct immediately:

1. You don’t wash your hair daily: A thorough daily hair wash for men is absolutely mandatory. Not only does it keep hair soft and moisturised, it also prevents dandruff and washes off dirt accumulated during the day.

2. You brush but don’t floss: Agreed, flossing isn’t a popular hygiene habit in Nigeria. This doesn’t eliminate how important it is, however, and why you must make it a part of your daily lifestyle. It helps to get rid of bacteria beneath the gumline, and lowers your risk of bad breath and gingivitis.

3. You don’t shower post-workout: Yes, we know jumping into the shower after a strenuous workout can seem like a chore. But it’s a must, one that will save you from rashes and breakouts caused by skin bacteria. The odour your body also produces post-workout doesn’t help matters either. Fortunately, you always have Premier Cool to fall back on for a nice fragrance and soothing refreshment.

4. You use a dull razor when shaving: This bad practice leads to more uncomfortable ingrown hair, breakouts of irritant dermatitis as well as the most obvious being a bad shave. Always use a sharp razor and a nice, cooling shaving gel/foam instead.

5. You don’t drink up to 8 glasses of water a day: Health experts recommend this quantity as the minimum water intake per day. The reason for this is simple – we are continuously losing body fluids through our urine and sweat, and drinking water regularly helps to replenish what’s lost. It also helps to flush out toxins in the process.

6. You don’t wipe your steering wheel daily: Imagine the number of germs that exist on your steering wheel, simply because you don’t wipe it down every time you drive. Nasal allergies are also triggered by the dirt and allergens present, something else to remember and hopefully motivate you to clean your wheel regularly.

7. You don’t cover your mouth when you sneeze: When sick with the flu, sneezing into a tissue or handkerchief is important to prevent the spread of the infection to your loved ones. The flu virus is actually passed on by droplets in the air, which are transmitted by nose and mouth secretions.


Did we miss out anything important? If yes, do share below.

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