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For every Ebuka there is an agbada that is nobody’s mate, and for every body type, shape and complexion, there is/are outfit(s) that complements. The question has always been “do you know what works for you” and “what are you trying to achieve with the look”. Are you trying to look bigger, taller, thinner, brighter etc, and when you’ve established your intention, you can now proceed to find outfit that helps you look the role. Today, we’d be sharing 6 style tips to help shorter men look taller, so stay with us.

  • Wear Monochrome

A monochrome look has a way of streamlining your look and creating an illusion of a more height. You can play around with shades of the same colour, but avoid different colour shades that cut the torso in two. You want to create a look that makes a long line visual, as a result of the similar colour play.

  • Avoid low-waisted trousers or shorts

Totally avoid them! They make the other half of your body look shorter, and that’s the part of your body that clearly emphasizes your height. The whole point is to create an illusion of longer legs, so stick to high-waist options or wear your trousers on your waistline even though below the waist may seem cooler. It would also do a world of good if your trousers are fitted, they also help to make your legs look longer.

  • Long-sleeves will do you good

Just like how trousers make you look taller if they go all the way up, shirts make you look taller if the sleeves go all the way down. Long-sleeved shirts make your arms look long, and longer arms make your entire body look longer.

  • Make vertical patterns your all time fav

According to Art of manliness, unbroken vertical lines are one of the best ways to add an impression of height without throwing it in people’s face. Vertical lines are known to make fat people look slimmer, just like horizontal lines supposedly makes people wider, hence fatter. Either as straight lines or just patterned from top to bottom, just leave your outfit patterns in a straight line.

  • Keep the attention up

Do whatever you can to keep the attention upwards. Nothing below the chest. Accessorize upwards, if you intend to throw in bright colours e.g a pocket square, a lapel pin, or something, keep them up. The more people are distracted upwards, the less they are to sweep through the rest of the body.

  • Pick shoes with higher soles

There’s a lot your shoes can do for you. When you go shoe shopping, select shoes that physically elevate you. Shoes with high soles or man-heels are a good place to start. Also, avoid shoes that contrasts too much with the trousers or shorts, as these cut out the length of your legs. When the shoes blend in, they visually create an illusion of longer legs as they appear as an extension.

Whatever your height or body shape, you can still certainly slay. Send us feedback on how any of these plays out when you try it out.


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