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Staying super cool and on top of your game means you have to tick the right boxes in all departments. This is easy. For instance, Body Odour which is often referred to as B.O. should be far from your profile. Everyone has a unique body scent, which is healthy, normal and fresh. However, from inadequate care of the body, bacteria may colonise different areas of the body, thereby altering the body scent in that area to an unpleasant odour. You know the drill.

The problem is, we are accustomed to being with ourselves all day, all night and all year long. So, it takes a conscious effort to self-examine to know if B.O. is creeping in (that is if no one around can tell you). We’ve compiled a simple litmus test to help you know if you have symptoms of B.O. (emphasis on symptoms).

  1. People switch seats or move away from you on a bus, hall, or any confined space.

When you sit in confined spaces, do people unnecessarily adjust, back you or change positions out rightly for no reason? If this occurs once, it may be ignored, but a regular occurrence at different occasions should raise a red flag.

  1. You don’t use deodorants (regularly)

Some people feel it’s optional to use a deodorant, and that body mist is a luxury. Yes, it’s not compulsory but it might just be necessary. Not using deodorants can increase chances of having B.O. Every cool dude knows that a good (not necessarily expensive) body spray can help accentuate your healthy organic smell. So please don’t dull.

  1. Morning baths are enough (you think)

Urrrrhh….Nope. Even if you’re a couch potato who spends the entire day eating and watching T.V your body metabolism is functioning and waste is ejected from the pores of your skin. These waste are good breeding ground for bacteria and need to be washed off at least twice daily with Premier Cool soap or body wash. It’s also a great idea to shower after sweat-inducing activities like exercising or strenuous work.

  1. Close relatives or friends never steal your clothes (or borrow without returning)

Truth be told, everyone has that annoying cousin who steals your stuff after visiting, only to call from school to say they took them (that can’t be stealing now, haba! we all did it!). Or that your favourite shirt that your best friend told you will get missing if you ever keep it outside to dry. If your closest buddies are not at least borrowing your stuff to wear, especially if they live with you and you share clothe size, then it could mean two things: you’re either a grump or B.O. suspect.

  1. You don’t get regular hugs from the ladies

Every fresh guy gets regular hugs from the ladies. This is very true. However, if you walk into a social setting, and your familiar friends don’t give you hugs, you may want to check yourself. It may not be B.O. but it also just might be.

  1. You repeat your underwear without cleaning them

How often should you change your underwear? If you do not have an answer to that question, or the frequency is irregular, then you’ve just discovered a potential root cause of B.O. you might be too comfortable in your own skin (and with your own smell) that you may not be sensitive to changes that occur. These changes start gradually until they get full blown with everybody but the sufferer notices.

While every guy should remain cool and fresh, simple adjustments in lifestyle like regular baths with Premier Cool, use of deodorants, and clean undergarments can ensure you are free from B.O. risk. This is not something you want to joke with or leave to chance now, do you?

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