Have you been feeling stressed out at work lately? Hot showers should do the trick; that and at least one of the following tips below:

1. Set boundaries for yourself: Taking work home may free up your to-do list, but it’s certain to get you stressed out in no time if you continue religiously. The solution? Stick to a working time frame of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., with breaks in between. Try to avoid weekend duty too and keep your Sabbath holy.

2. Stop overreacting: You can also increase your stress by making big deals out of minor issues at work. If you ever find your mind heading in that direction, simply ask yourself if X would matter tomorrow or next week. This helps to keep things in check and you, abreast of reality.

3. Live in the present: It’s good to take inventory of your past mistakes, so you can learn from them. It’s also great to think of the future every now and again, and where you see yourself, career or relationships. However, dwelling on them constantly is sure to get you worried and stressed out because of all that’s out of your control, so don’t over-do it.

4. Delegate: You have great colleagues and friends, to help you out with your responsibilities, and you can’t say you don’t. Also, be honest with yourself. How much of a micromanager are you? Or a perfectionist? If your answer is “ a lot”, you are probably increasing not just your stress but that of your subordinates at work as well. Give everyone a well-deserved cool pill, please.

5. Carry tasks over: When next you feel overwhelmed with the number of things on your plate, try writing down all tasks and highlighting the three most pressing. It’s these that you will deal with that day, and the rest, some other time. 

How do you reduce your stress levels? Share your tips with us.

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