It is no news that super cool dudes and ladies still wear watches. While we agree that there are several devices that can now tell time, it is worthy to note that wearing a timepiece adds class to one’s dressing. A watch can show how stylish you are.

So here are the main things to consider when picking one:

Digital, Analogue or Both?

Watches come in digital, analogue and a combination of both. You need to decide upfront which mechanism suits your style best. This also depends on why you are getting the watch (fashion or functionality?) and what type of outfit you will regularly wear with it.

What kind of wristband do you prefer?

This is also critical. Some watches come in metals like gold and silver (or any other combinations) while some others come in leather or rubber. Again, your fashion sense is important. Most corporate dressers prefer a leather mechanical watch, while sports people definitely use a rubber digital one to track their time. You must also know if your skin react to the band material, as some people have allergic reactions to metals and leather.

What’s your budget?

The type of piece you purchase is heavily dependent on your wallet. It is cool to have an expensive brand like the rolex, but what is more important is how it is worn and the functionality. An expensive watch by default is not necessarily a good watch.

Watch-water relationship

Top functionality you should also consider is if the watch is water resistant or not. While not all watches can be, it is important to know due to slight accidents that can occur like washing your hands (with your watch on) or being drenched in the rain. While an awesome watch may or may not be water resistant, it is good to at least know, as this will affect use and handling.

Coordinate the colour with your dressing

Some people are collectors when it comes to watches, while others are just loyal to one piece. Whichever part of the spectrum you fall under, you must consider your wardrobe before making purchasing decisions. A black watch for instance, works best with a black belt and black shoes. A leather watch with gold case and buckle, will look classy on a leather belt with gold on the buckle too.

So the next time you step out of the shower, feeling fresh from using Premier cool, and unto the front of the mirror, remember that accessories – like a well selected durable watch – can add a dash of panache to your fashion sense.

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