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Sadly, most guys miss the attitude transition in women from the time before to after the date. They miss how these special ladies are quite eager to see them at first, are still excited early on in the date but then get distant emotionally mid-way.

If you’re wondering why potential Bae is refusing to pick up your calls even after what you believed was an amazing date, we think we have the answer. You sadly may have fallen prey to the dilemma above, with one or more of the following ruining your chances with the lady. Better luck next time!

1. You talked too much about yourself: This is a date no-no and made you unattractive. The purpose of a date is to know each other better, remember, not a time to review your life. You might end up sounding cocky in the process and that’s not the impression you are trying to pass across. If you find yourself talking too much because you’re nervous, take a break and ask an engaging question. This would get her to talk about something else.

2. You had bad breath or body odour: This is definitely a deal breaker and one of the biggest first date turn offs ever! First dates are already stressful, with you having to decide on the right outfits, what to say, where to go and so on. With her taking extra time to look really good for you, dealing with odour won’t get you in her good book. She would think you didn’t make an effort to look good for her. Be sure to check your breath before the date starts too, and shower with a nicely fragranced soap like Premier Cool.

3. She caught you checking out other women: She would probably block your number if you’re found guilty of this. Keep eye contact while you speak to her, always. Being focused while you do can also play out as an advantage for you. It shows that you are interested in her.

4. You made sexist remarks or generalisations:  This will definitely put you on a screened call list after your date. You can also bet that it will cause a communication barrier even before being screened, right within the date’s duration. The lady you are seeing will constantly be on the defence and the tension between you two is bound to thicken up per minute. With this said, it’s best to keep your philosophical gender opinions to yourself. After all, you didn’t leave your house and get dressed up just to give a gender behaviour modification lecture.

5. You couldn’t stop talking about your Ex: Whether your ex broke your heart or destroyed your life, you need to keep all this information to yourself while on a date. You are here to learn about her, so don’t keep asking about her ex except it’s relevant to a conversation she raised. Talking endlessly about your ex will give her the impression you haven’t moved on, and no woman wants to feel like a rebound.

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