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It’s not news that the condition known as body odour, or popularly B.O in Nigeria,  is not taken very lightly.  If you happen to have the tiniest ounce of body odour, be sure that you would trend in a number of conversations amongst your acquaintances.

Check out our list of funny reactions fellow Nigerians react to people with body odour.

P.S. if you know someone who has the condition, it might be a good idea to introduce him to a friend. You know, the one whose name starts with a P?

Yeah, Premier Cool *wink*

  1. They give out deodorants as birthday presents: You know you have body odour when your friends do a quick check on the impressions you leave on their couch after every visit. Except all your friends are fragrance lovers, which is nearly impossible, giving you fragrances is their way of trying to tell you they don’t like how you smell. It’s polite code for “You don’t smell good”.
  1. They give out unusual nicknames: You might be familiar with this fact already, but there are a million and one name tags for body odour carriers. Examples include but are not Wholesaler or Retailer (depending on how bad it is), Boom Box, Mobile trash etc.  Even worse, imagine your phone number being saved with the initials B.O after it. Nigerians are quite creative with their nicknaming and can even go indigenous e.g “Huzzman” in place of Usman.
  1.  They express unusual curiosity about deodorants: Ok…  this doesn’t mean every time someone asks for the name of your deodorant, they are implying you have body odour. But being innately sarcastic, Nigerians will come up with a perfume name for you ( e.g ‘Boom’ by a popular designer) as a pretend guess, and ask if you use it, or just leave that for you to figure out by asking what the name of your deodorant is.
  1. People always disperse when you’re in the room: As soon as the body odour carrier walks into a group, it’s not rare for the members to slowly end their conversation and take their leave. It’s either that  or they change the topic to something that will be of no interest to the carrier. All in an attemp to make sure he leaves and quickly too. Sad, right? But such is life.


Did we miss out anything from our list? Let us know below.

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