Shout out to all the cool guys who slay, day-in-day-out!


But today, we’ve come for the brothers who stand in front of their closet for 25 minutes looking lost and still end up with the same outfit from the week before. Nothing compliments a good hygiene like good looks. So, after you’ve had a refreshing bath with premiere cool soap, in preparation for the best dinner of the year, what’s next? How do show up with a breath-taking outfit? After all, you don’t wanna be looking like you were dragged into all the photos with bae.

So, when the tables are set, scented candles in place, flowers check, cologne on point, bae’s gift in hand, (because it’s a season of Love) you wanna step out looking like one of these:








Step into your dinner venue looking like you had plans to seduce bae all over. Trust that this look will not stop at announcing your coolness, it will turn heads too.








Because the colour of the season is red, slay with this apt combo. Especially if you forgot to pick up some roses








Go checkers on bae this valentine, she won’t even know what hit her. And then those shoes…









Green has never looked better. Then throw in some brown to remind that dapper is your middle name.











Dine like a CEO. Give her a mix of denim and blazers. Call that the special effects look.








Let the waist-coat remind the world that you really are a cool dude, throw this on and leave bae speechless all evening long.








This is for when you plan to keep it single, but still show off your swag. This way, your colours are well matched, but you don’t look like you have a lot going on.








The red sweaters will help you transform your semi-corporate look into not just a fit for Val outfit, but a casual subtle boy-next-door look.

So, here’s the catch, as you plan to have a big surprise for bae this Val, make plans to give your wardrobe a facelift too. Don’t forget to share your Valentine dinner pictures with us, we’d love to see what look you slayed in.


Photo credit: All images were gotten from pinterest

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