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Nowadays, most men lose great relationships simply because they don’t know what their ladies want, or what is expected of them. Relationships also fail because of unrealistic expectations and goals that both parties set before getting in a relationship.

Here is what you need to know about ladies and what they want in a guy. Hopefully, this should help you have and enjoy the relationship you truly deserve. 

1. Remember the little things: Ladies are drawn to men who don’t forget the little things. Let’s just say that keeping your retentive memory on full duty works well for them. For example, always remember her birthday, your relationship anniversary and anything else that’s special to her. Make sure these are celebrated.

2. Care: Everyone loves to be cared for, especially ladies They love guys who are extremely affectionate. From paying a little compliment here and there, to keeping promises, paying attention and making sacrifices, all these can get you in their good books for a lifetime.

3. Be her hero: Ladies expect men to stand up for them without being judgemental. In her time of need, either material or non-material, it’s cool for you to stand up for her. This also gives her a sense of security around you.

4. Tolerance: Ladies like men who are tolerant , and can keep their cool through situations. They fancy men who forgive easily and do not freak out or get easily provoked.

5. Compliment: Ladies totally love compliments. Complimenting them stirs up confidence, and we are sure you wouldn’t mind being the source of that confidence. Take note of things like a nice hairstyle, beautiful dress or something interesting she does. Let’s not get it twisted. Women don’t like being lied to either, so make sure your compliment is genuine.

6. Good listening skills: Everyone loves to be listened to, but women have a special soft spot for guys who are attentive. They want you to speak too, but they appreciate that you listen more than you speak. Knowing they can talk to you about things allows them open up more.     

7. Openness:Tell her things that are bothering you. Tell her your secrets. Not all of them, of course, but enough to let her know you’ll never keep secrets from her.  That you will always be honest and loyal. That’s comforting in a way too.

8. Confidence:A confident guy is an instant eye candy, and most cool guys know this. Personal hygiene goes a long way in boosting your confidence, and Premier Cool is definitely the way to go when it comes to smelling good and feeling good too. Makes you feel #CoolerThanCool.

9. Independence: Women love independent men. The more economically independent the better, you see, and he better not live with his parents. They feel if he is independent he is more responsible.

9. Have a good sense of humour: Life is stressful as it is, so a guy who can put a smile on a lady’s face is likely to be a keeper. Every lady wants a man who can help her see the brighter side of life, so be that guy.

With these ten simple tips, we wish you luck with the lady of your dreams.


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