It is really not unusual to see Nigerians travelling to Dubai, London, South Africa, and the USA for vacations. Every year, thousands of people jet out of the country to enjoy the sights and sounds of these foreign countries. But the truth is, there are so many beautiful places people could visit in Nigeria, and get the same, and even better thrills than they’d get when they travel out. These hitherto unknown places are scattered around the country, and we have put together a list you just have to visit as soon as possible!

Enjoy, and thank us later.

1. Kajuru Castle


Credit: NTA

Located in Kaduna State, Kajuru Castle was built in 1978 by a controversial German expatriate who made Kaduna his base. The architectural style is European and the castle, which can house 12 persons, is equipped with four dungeon rooms and a master’s bedroom (that allegedly has the biggest bathub in Nigeria), a magnificent swimming pool and a kitchen. There are also several towers with battlements, like a proper castle should have. There are two beautiful peacocks and a creature described as one with four legs during the day but develops wings and spits fire from its mouth at night. (Is it a dragon? Go and find out for yourself)

Although it is a private property, visits are allowed. The clause is that bookings have to be done for the entire castle, for one group at a time, whether as a couple or group of friends. This means that only one party will be accepted for the entire day, so that one can have the castle to oneself to tour and take pictures.

Pictures of the castle are mind-blowing, but the truth is that one has to visit to experience how fantastic the place is.

2. Agodi Gardens: Located around the government house secretariat in Ibadan, Oyo State, the Agodi garden sits at the foot of Mokola Hill. Within its walls is a theme park that has a restaurant, pools, playground for kids, a zoo and a forest, with an ultra-modern walkway. It is a place every tourist who loves a natural environment has to visit.

3. Ngwo Pine: A farming community on the outskirts of Enugu, Enugu state, surrounds the Ngwo pine forest. Romantically set by mother nature with unique twists for adventure seekers, the beautiful array of pine trees, gently flowing stream, caves, and serene atmosphere, makes it suitable for camping, partying, and do all sorts of exciting activities.

You should visit and take fantastic photos.

4. Idanre Hills


Credit: Musa Jibril

Ever wanted to have that on-top-of-the-world feeling? Then a visit to Idanre Hill is what you need. Located in Ondo State, the hill, which is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria, gives a tourist access to a lot of spectacular valleys that are interspersed with inselbergs and high plains. It has Omi Aopara; the thunder water, Agbooogun foot print, burial grounds, shrines and the Owa’s palace.

Visit Idanre hills for an experience of a lifetime

5. Ibeno Beach: The roaring waves, the unpolluted foliage of the mangrove forest, the cool breeze from the water, the surrounding lush, the stretch of sand … put all these together, and you have Ibeno Beach. Located in Akwa Ibom state, the beach is a haven for leisure seekers.

You should visit this one.

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