Remember all those half full deodorants that smelled so good, yet you had to dispose of?


Well, we aren’t assuring that you can get them back. We just have a different kind of good news. You don’t need to throw away the new ones you got or entirely give up on deodorants because of the irritations.


Deodorant irritation is a common disturbance amongst people of different ages who use deodorants frequently. It could either be a stinging discomfort, armpit rash, red scaly armpit, or just itchy armpit. You are sure this is as a result of your deodorants because the reactions stop when you discontinue the use of that deodorant. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of deodorant. How else do you plan to stay cool and fresh during the day? Anyway, we did some findings and have a list of reasons why you may be experiencing these irritations. Here they are:


Fragrance Sensitivity: There are two sides to this- you may either be experiencing chemical sensitivity to the fragrance of your deodorants or you might have fragrance allergies. Both can result in certain discomforts including a rash.


Blocked Pores: According to Live Strong, antiperspirants block your pores to prevent you from sweating and these blocked pores are stuffed with bacteria. You need wash that area properly with a good antiseptic soap like Premier Cool. And then use deodorants instead of antiperspirants. Antiperspirants stop you from sweating a lot, while deodorants mask the smell of your body sweat.


Irritants: Some deodorants actually do more harm than good. Most contain chemicals that are skin irritants, e.g, silica or Triclosan. It is deodorants like this that cause discomforts and irritations. When picking deodorants, check that it contains low irritant deodorants.


Improper Shaving: Shaving in the wrong direction of the hair growth can lead to ingrown hairs. Dealing with the itch from this can be very annoying. So to prevent this, shave in the direction of the hair growth to avoid forcing the hair to grow in the opposite direction. Using deodorant over an ingrown affected skin can result in underarm bumps or worsen the condition of the skin.


Deo After Shaving: This can also be the reason you get irritations from your deodorant. After shaving, your skin is quite sensitive, and you even notice that your deodorant might sting alone when you put it on.


Being cool includes smelling good and feeling good. And if you feel the need to see a dermatologist about a heightened irritation as a result of your deodorants, please do.

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