So, you walked into the office that Monday and everyone was in frenzy trying to round off their Q1 reports, that’s when you realised that the first quarter of the year was gone. So from a sincere point of interest, we’d like to know, how are you doing with the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year?

We don’t expect an answer on that one though… that’s not what we came for. We only want you to know that there are three more quarters in the year, so there’s still more time for you to be great. As a result, we’ve put together a list of 12 life changing things to do in the second quarter of the year. Thank us when you make half the list.

1. Get training that earns you an extra certification in your field. That’s the slow walk to getting a raise.
2. Take a vacation to someplace you’ve never been. A change of environment and new knowledge is always a yes!
3. Get a savings account not just because, but so you can put away some money for fun things at the end of the year.
4. Read some new books, it could be novel or some educational literature, but be sure to make it from cover to cover.
5. Donate to a charity, at least you get a sense of fulfilment in case you get busy for the rest of the year and can’t find time to give back to your community.
6. Be part of an association, you need new friends sometimes.
7. Make an investment, no matter how little it is, you could use an extra source of income.
8. Pamper yourself, before you get stuck on deadlines, develop a reward system for yourself. You can start with a change of toiletry products, we recommend you switch to the cooler side of life, the Premier cool side.
9. Try out a new dish, you can either cook this or buy it, but dare to eat something not regular.
10. Go shopping, you deserve the confidence that comes with new outfits.
11. Learn to play a musical instrument. This will eventually become a new way to relax and relieve stress.
12. Start a fitness routine. Amidst all the work and quick meals, you need to master a way to get your body in a great shape.


It doesn’t end here guys, let us know in the comment section, your second quarter intentions that aren’t already on the list

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